Evolutionary Reasonings

It’s amazing how many posts I’m writing in the past two days – it’s a total wonder.

Anywho, I was talking to Beau and we came across this one somewhat touchy topic once again for like the fifth time that I feel like I must share. I don’t know what age range the readers are, but just for context there is a little, for lack of a better word, dispute (wow, completely wrong word. if I think of the right one I’ll come back and change it) about how girls strongly prefer tall guys and will not date any guy their height or shorter. Or even a guy just a few inches taller than them.

Guys say it’s unfair, since they can’t do anything about their height, unlike how a girl could work on her weight and change it physically – whether it takes a lot of hard work/long time or not.

I agree it’s unfair for we girls to have a strong preference for tall guys and that height can often be a deal breaker for us. But hear me out! I have a theory on this. Now, don’t quote me on this, since it’s just my observation (or do quote me if it’s a good theory, make me sound smart hehe). I don’t know if there are any legitimate statistics/theories that are like mine, so I apologize if it just seems like I’m plagiarizing. I actually have not done research on this topic so I wouldn’t know.

I’m a girl who very much likes science, so I kind of saw this from a science-y point of view. Evolution plays a huge role in life, I find, thanks to Darwin. For me, it explains so much in life and animals and habits in general. It’s unlikely that we humans are the way we are simply because BAM, it just so happened to be that we, for the most part, do not like the dark. There is an evolutionary reasoning (if you must know, it’s because we cannot see in the dark so thus our defenses are low and we feel vulnerable, and back in cavemen times, that means night predators could easily hunt us down and we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves).

Just like that, I think physical attributes that humans find attractive today in people are part of an evolutionary reason. I read somewhere that most men tend to appreciate a woman with curves, and that this is because it is biologically hardwired into their brains. Back in the olden days, the wider the woman’s hips the more fertile she is and therefore the more likely she can bear a man’s child (which back then was important for passing on genes and surviving).

Similarly, I think we girls like taller guys because it’s biologically hardwired. Long time ago, when we lived in the wild and survival was a key aspect to prospering (duh), women and men had very stereotypical roles. Women would stay put and look after the children while men did the hunting. Women depended on men heavily for protection too.

So when choosing mates, a woman needed a man who was strong and able to protect her and her children. Back then we didn’t exactly have highly developed brains like we do today – we lived on instincts like animals today. Hence, women back then most likely chose men who were bigger and taller because physically they look stronger (and most likely were compared to lanky short guys). Of course, that’s not entirely true but at first glance, you would automatically think the bigger and taller guy was stronger.

That was a highly important feature women most likely looked for in men, so it stuck with us throughout the centuries and today it’s still with us. However, it’s not as though we are choosing to date or marry a tall man so that he can protect us. Today, we don’t need to worry about everyday dangers like back then. Height is now just a physical attribute that we subconsciously look for but consciously just think it’s very attractive.

Beau countered me and said that while that may be true, guys don’t have any strong preference. Yes, most guys like curvy girls, but it’s not a deal breaker like how height is for girls. There are no deal breakers about girls for guys.

My counter argument to his counter argument is that that’s because back then, men didn’t need anything specific from women. Men did all the hard work, they did the necessary/essential things. The only thing they looked for in a woman was just a healthy woman who could give a healthy baby to pass on his genes to. That’s why, again, most guys have a preference for curvy women, though it may not be a deal breaker. Neither does a woman’s height doesn’t matter to men because it wasn’t important back then and evolution has kept it that way.

So many features of the human species is based on evolution. Phobias too are labeled as such in modern times because of evolution. Some people may have a deep phobia of spiders because way back when, that specific group of people may have shared an environment with highly dangerous or poisonous spiders. Over centuries, there may not be poisonous spiders hanging around those people scared of them, but the descendants still have a phobia. This is actually a psychological/biological aspect called “preparedness” and it basically means that although those people are not scared of poisonous spiders specifically, they are in general scared of spiders because their mental, biologically hardwired brain is preparing them for when those people do encounter a poisonous spider by chance in the future and therefore save their own asses in time and survive. It all has to do with brain chemicals too, but I’m not going to get into that.

Everything is based on how our ancestors survived through natural selection and adaptation! From my observation that is.


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