Jurassic World Observations

Wow, three daily posts in a row! I am on a roll coming back from my no-post hiatus.

Anyway, today I wanted to go back to the dinosaur topic and discuss the new Jurassic World trailer.

So I was a bit iffy when the first official trailer came out, as it didn’t seem… quite as ‘wow’ as I was hoping it would (considering it’s one of my favorite series). I’m still very much excited for the movie, as it is my childhood and, obviously, dinosaur related. But I have a hunch it’s not going to be the best movie out of the four in the series (although a lot of people talk shit about the second movie, even though I thought it was relatively cool).

Then the second official trailer came out and I began to like this movie more, and I think that’s because the trailer revealed a little more of the complexity (in a good way) of the plot. Not only that, it featured more dinosaurs.

But something about the trailer was nagging me, but I couldn’t place a finger on what it was. I watched it several times during my morning commute to school, and I realized that the new dinosaur that was genetically created reminded me of another pre-existing dinosaur. I, again, couldn’t place a finger on it though.

Then it hit me, it looked like the bipedal theropod carnivore Carnotaurus. Below is a picture of it.


I am not too sure how this picture turned out like in the post after publishing, but anyway, there you go. The new dinosaur in the movie (I still do not know the name of her yet) looks very similar to Carnotaurus. She had the same two crested horns above the eyes and same body frame – from what I saw in the trailer at least. The only differences is that those tiny arms were made longer and there were longer spikes on her back/back of the neck.

I wonder if they made it similar on purpose… they must have, especially seeing how they most likely have a paleontologist they consult during the movie. And it’s not like this movie is based on a book that they can rely on either.

Seeing how there are SO many different looking dinosaurs thus discovered, I suppose it would be hard to come up with a new dinosaur that is distinct and still looks like a dinosaur and not some fantasy dragon. So they probably just thought Carnotaurus was a fitting carnivore and decided to use it as a base influence. Pretty cool!

Personally, it’s a nice choice, as I cannot think of any other more menacing looking dinosaur physically speaking. Most carnivores used size as a threatening display, rather than physical appearances like how rhinos have horns. As far as I know, the most interesting/menacing thing large carnosaurs (carnosaurs is a group of large carnivores like Carnotaurus, and no Tyrannosaurus actually belonged to a different group for different reasons) had was the horns above their eyes. That or the dromeosaurs’ (group of the raptors) sickle shaped claw, but they’re small so… yeah.

Ohhh, maybe they tried to come up with a menacing carnivore without going too over the top and they decided on adding horns above the eyes and it just so happens to look like a Carnotaurus. Interesting thought, I hope one day I can ask someone who worked on the set about it. Do you guys have any idea? Not that most of you would be interested in this haha.


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