Some Golden Moments with Beau

Related to the previous post, I just wanted to share a few golden screenshots I had taken of Beau and me (mainly Beau).

Here in exhibit A, you can see how comfortable we are with each other… I was all “oh my god” at the details he was sharing with me all at once.


The day before this incident, I had gone over and as a consequence for his fucking up one time, I drew on him in sharpie. He apparently forgot about it the next day when he went to the gym to work out.


Below, I received a Snapchat from him and I found it hysterical. I’m not sure why his mom made him wear it but it was fabulous.


Here he told me a story to cheer me up when I was in a bad mood and stressed out about school work. Hard to believe this goofball of a boy was some cool, smooth player before he met me.


And last but not least, I pranked him one time and put a big picture of the Grudge on the inside of his closet door. He didn’t find it till two days later though (he hardly goes into his closet). I wish I was there to see his reaction though!



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