Solving an Age Old Mystery

One thing about me is that I have a short fuse that I hide, and because I hide it, almost 90% of everyone I know thinks I’m an even tempered, calm person when really anything can make me snap. The only people who really know about and experienced my short temper is my dad and Beau, especially Beau (unfortunately for him).

However, the weird thing about me is that it can be random things that make my short temper go off. I was once thinking about telling Beau about what pisses me off so that he could avoid it, but I had trouble thinking of them because it’s not always consistent. For example, someone could tell me something and I’ll laugh it off and take it lightly, but he/she could say that same thing another day and I’ll snap and get mad. I’m very unpredictable with my anger and even I myself have trouble knowing what is gong to tick me off.

So last night, Beau and I happened to come across that topic and discussed about how unpredictable I am and tried to figure out why. And I believe we solved it. Our theory is that my short fuse will go off more often if I haven’t eaten in a while or am hungry.

Then I looked back at all those moments where I was angry and found that yes, indeed I seemed to have gotten irritated more easily when I had not eaten in a while. That, and if I was mad, a full stomach later appeased me and I became a bit more guilty of becoming mad. I don’t know if many people are like this, but Beau told me that even he is a bit more on edge when he hasn’t had any food in a while.

It’s going to be hard to test this theory out, as neither Beau nor I want me to get mad and spoil our time together, but we’re going to keep a mental note of it and see if my short temper has any correlation with lack of food.

Amusingly enough, last night I was hungry in bed and Beau started to annoy me easily. It must be true!


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