Reasons for Being Late (Reader Discretion is Advised)

Reader discretion is advised for those who do not do well in the company of words describing the monthly visits ladies have from mother nature:

So I finally got my period yesterday. After being 10 days late. Surprisingly, I wasn’t freaking out a lot about that because since my last cycle, I always made sure Beau and I were all good and that the condoms didn’t leak or such after each session. I also always made a strong mental note each time that nothing suspicious or doubtful happened – that way, whenever I do become late, I don’t start getting doubtful like “wait, did it leak?!” and cause false memories due to a freak out. So because of that, I was roughly 99% sure there was no way I could be pregnant.

Regardless… I freaked out on day 10 though. Like, what if some miracle happened and I somehow got impregnated? I started googling (incognito mode of course haha) about early pregnancy signs and reasons my period could be late. Besides the safety checks Beau and I conducted, I was also mainly reassured I wasn’t pregnant because before my cycle was supposed to begin, a lot of external factors that generally can delay periods occurred.

For example, that was the week I began work, and my daily exercise jumped from an astounding 0 to 8 hours each day that week (exaggeration, I didn’t actually live an exercise-free life, but you get my point). That’s a huge jump, especially because I went from lounging around to lifting boxes hour after hour. So around day 2 or 3 of being late, I assumed it was because of my job.

A few more days went by period-less, and I started to think about what else it could be. Then I realized it was also because my daily routine has changed. During the school year I always woke up around a certain time, and when summer vacation started, I woke up later but regardless around the same time each day (around 10am). When work started, one day I would have to get up at 7am, another day I slept in till 11am, and another day woke up at 9am.

Then I also noticed I started to get a little sick. Not too much, but enough for me to realize I was starting to get sick. All of these things happened around the same time, so I guess it makes sense I would be late by nearly 2 fucking weeks.

Man, getting my period was a relief but also a total bitch. I was rejoicing over text to my close friend, but then soon cursing my luck at periods. Something I will post next:


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