Jurassic World!!!!!!!!!

So… I watched Jurassic World last night. And wow. So much to say. Okay where to begin…

Beau and I decided to have a spontaneous hang out, and then on my way home we decided to have another spontaneous plan – AKA watch Jurassic World. I informed my parents and then Beau and I went on our way to eat dinner somewhere before heading out to the theater. Now the only issue was that as the movie had JUST come out the day before, there were so many people who already booked tickets in advanced. All throughout in the car ride to a diner, waiting for food, and then eating food – Beau and I were on our own phones just searching for open times and theaters. We probably looked like those modern teen couples just immersed in our own phones and not enjoying each other’s company. Little did strangers know, we were frantically searching for free seats with good show times.

We went through three or four different theaters before we found a theater with available seats/showtimes, one where you didn’t have to reserve seats (as long as you had a ticket you could choose where you wanted to sit). Then we were happy and we just munched through dinner happily before rushing off to the theater.

Upon arriving at the theater, we were about 45-50 minutes early, and it was still packed! After Beau and I got in to where the theater was, the people watching the previous show time was just getting out. Then we had to wait another 10 minutes for the movie crew to clean up the theater and prepare it for us. Beau and I were waiting in line and, man, never in my life have I seen so many Indians at a movie theater haha.

The most Indians I have or will ever see is at a theater showing a Bollywood movie (and I haven’t been to a bollywood movie (theater) in ages). I realized shortly that the reason must be because the bollywood actor, Irfan Khan, was in Jurassic World. And I must say, that was a smart move of the movie director to do, casting a bollywood actor. I am not kidding when the theater was 1/3 Indians. Profit! Haha.

Moving on, another interesting part was that that was the first time in SO many years that I had been to a movie where the theater was packed. Normally, whenever I go there’s little to just a moderate amount of people. It’s been a long ass while since I’ve been to a movie where people were still streaming in as the trailers were playing and were desperately looking for seats to sit in. Then again, I usually see movies after they’ve been out for a while, not like JW where I saw it on the second day of premiere. But…. on the other hand, Beau did see Interstellar when it first came out and it wasn’t as jam packed as Jurassic World.

Now the movie itself, oh man, I was super excited as the lights dimmed for the show. I was feeling edgy (in a good way) and fidgety and just all sorts of excited. When the main theme song started blasting a little into the movie and showed the park majestically, I actually shed a tear. I am not, sort of, ashamed to admit I did that. Thank god for the IMAX 3D glasses. It would have been slightly embarrassing for me if people saw that tear roll down my cheek. I couldn’t help it! My childhood right there in front of me after 20 years (not that I was well alive and conscious when the first movie came out but you know what I mean).

I was a bit ‘meh’ throughout majority of the film – I think my standards were just set too high. I’m still not quite sure why I was a bit ‘meh,’ but I’m still mulling it over. Plus, I’ll be seeing it again tomorrow with Beau again but also with my friend and her boyfriend (yay, double date!) so hopefully I’ll understand why. Halfway through, I was thinking to myself “shit, Beau’s probably bored” or something along the lines of him not being impressed with it. Beau is a huge movie lover in general (he used to major in film) and is fascinated by really good movies, so I had a sinking feeling he may not like Jurassic World. Especially because he’s not a JP or dinosaur fan like me.

But surprisingly, he actually really liked the movie. He said it was well done and the climax was amazing. I admit, the climax did make the cut for me as well. If the climax wasn’t the way it is right now, I probably would have thought the movie sucked or something. But it was the climax that had me thinking it was a super good movie in its own way.

Looking back, I think I was highly disappointed in the CGI. I know the old movies used part animatronics and part CGI, which made it more realistic, but come on. It’s been 20 years, you’d think that in this day and age, technology would be better.

Beau made a point that perhaps back then, CGI and everything was a long process in which it turned out well in the end. But today, because of the advanced technology we have, we can make CGI in a snap and it’s easy peasy, but because of that, it just doesn’t turn out AS well. I agree with that point.

All in all, I did love it and it’s a great popcorn movie! Certainly incredibly different from the old movies, but still good and original in its own, modern way. In the old movies, the dinosaurs were purely animals driven by instinct and it was a predator-prey sort of plot for two of the old movies (the second one was more on parental care and instinct).

Jurassic World, however, was different in that you can see the dinosaurs have more of a conscious, intelligent mind. Like, they’re thinking for themselves and they have reasons to do something and not do something. That aside, there’s just more of an emotional connection between dinosaurs and between dinosaurs and humans. I’m assuming this is a reason why there are people who didn’t particularly like the movie, and I certainly do think it has a very different feel from the old movies because of this. But I still enjoyed it. The director did a better job than I expected!

Now… I promised my friend that the four of us would watch it together… But I wasn’t able to help myself so I ended up watching it with Beau early last night. Of course, I didn’t tell her and don’t plan to haha…. Yeah.. bad of me lol but I wasn’t able to help it. So Beau and I have a plan to just have the same responses tomorrow as we did last night. Whatever we said or felt last night, we’re gonna repeat it tomorrow haha.


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