Ovarian Cyst Chilling for 6 Months

I meant to continue this post from my previous one, so I apologize for the delay! I… do not remember why I didn’t continue. I apologize in advance for the male readers, but anyway…

My menstrual cycles have always been normal to say the least. Or at least, I think they’re fairly normal. I deal with emotional roller coaster rides, heavy flows, and seriously painful cramps. A lot of my friends that I talk to claim they never have cramps AS painful as mine, but I thought it was normal for me and dismissed my dad on several occasions when he advised me to go see the doctor about it. Last year, I decided to search up menstrual cycle cramps on google, and it said that the severity of cramp pain is typically genetic. So, you will have painful cramps if your mom also has/had painful cramps. I asked my mom about it, and she said that she never had painful cramps. That’s when I began to worry just a tiny bit.

Starting January, my normal menstrual cycle was accompanied by these even MORE painful pains that stemmed from somewhere in my abdominal region. It was a pain I never felt before in my life, but it seemed as though it was near my stomach area. I don’t remember too much about my January cycle, but I believe the pain came before my period. Then after a few days, the pain subsided and I thought nothing of it ever again. Until it happened again in February.

This time, the pain occurred around the same time as my period, and I decided to see the doctor this time. I wasn’t able to see my primary doctor, Dr. J., so I was set up with another kind doctor, who I’ll call Dr. A. for now. She was a sweet, middle aged lady and was very calm and patient with me. After our appointment she told me it may be something I ate or there could be a bacteria in my stomach. She gave me some medication to eat for the month and told me to come back if the pain did not go away.

I ate the medications like ordered to for a few days, but by then the pain was gone. It’s kind of hard, and also seemed pointless, to eat medications when I wasn’t even in pain, so I stopped taking it. I know, I know, it was foolish of me to do so without even consulting Dr. A. or anyone else, especially when I had the suspicion that the pain would come back next month.

So I went through February month pain-free like expected, but then come March cycle I had those same pains. I can’t describe just how painful they are; I sometimes am frozen from pain and I double over if I’m standing or sitting. I told myself to start eating those medications (the bottle was still in my room), and I did. Until the pain went away several days later. Then I gradually stopped eating them again.

This stupid, careless repeating cycle of eating my medications then stopping and then resuming again every month carried on until just this past June. June I thought to myself, “Okay, even though I’m not being responsible with my medications, I have a feeling the medication is not going to help at all.” My thoughts to go see Dr. A. was pushed forward by my friend’s mom. I was at my friend’s place when the pains of June month began and I just kept curling my toes and my hands into fists from the pain. She told me it could be Fibroids, and gave me a brief description of it. My friend’s mom wasn’t sure though, and encouraged me to go see the doctor.

Just a few weeks ago, I saw Dr. A again and we discussed it thoroughly. All the blood tests she ran came back normal and nothing seemed to point in the direction of abnormality or cause of my abdominal pain. She referred me to a gastroenterologist specialist, whom I will see in a few weeks. The following week, I got a call from Dr. J, saying she wanted to schedule a physical check-up exam.

So last week, I went to see Dr. J. and she scheduled some more appointments for me – vaginal ultrasounds, gynecologist, nutritionist, etc. I took the ultrasound last week, and the very next day Dr. J. called to give me the results.

Now, before the call, Beau and I had done some amateur research, and based on my symptoms it appeared to be endometriosis: a condition that’s incurable and may cause infertility. I didn’t really know how to react to that, but Dr. J. seemed relieved to tell me that it was an ovarian cyst.

Apparently, ovarian cysts are very normal/common, and almost every female has a cyst during their menstrual cycles and then breaks down upon realizing they’re not pregnant (which causes the bleeding). However, this one ovarian cyst in me is nearly 4cm That is huge. Since Dr. J. isn’t a specialist, she told me basic information such as all that and informed me that my gynecologist (whom I’m meeting in two days) will give me more details.

I couldn’t help myself and do research last night on ovarian cysts and what happens to them. Dr. J. had mentioned that they normally go away on their own, but I had a feeling that won’t happen to me because it has been almost 6 cycles since the pain started and it’s still bothering me – not to mention showed up on the ultrasound.

Google research showed me that I may need to surgically remove the cyst, since it is bigger than 2-3cm, is causing pain, and is still there after several cycles. Long story short, I was a bit bummed out because after surgery there is also a risk/chance that I will be infertile… So much for being happy it wasn’t endometriosis.

Oh well, I shall have to wait and see what my gynecologist tells me. One thing I was curious about was that Dr. J. told me that it’s a 4cm big cyst on my right side (can’t remember if it’s on my right fallopian tube or right ovaries), which is most likely causing the abdominal pain… But my abdominal pain is on my left side, so… somewhat confused.

Anyway, I’m currently at work right now, so I gotta get back to my task. I’ll write a post after my gynecologist meeting! That actually may not be for several days though because right after my meeting, my parents and I are leaving for New York.

Have a great day!


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