Update from Doctor’s Visit

I’m back! I actually ended up not going to New York, due to me being in pain and mom in a depressed state. Anywho:
I met with a gynecologist just a few days ago, and she told me that usually most cysts go away after a couple cycles, but mine has been there for almost 6 months now. So she thinks it’s most likely endometriosis… Everything seems to be hinting at it, but apparently you can’t get a 100% diagnosis on endometriosis unless you do surgery and physically look at it.
My gynecologist doesn’t want to do surgery just yet though, so she prescribed me birth control to take for the next couple months. Apparently, if it is indeed endometriosis, then the birth control should help ease it. However, if the birth control doesn’t seem to help, then I think the next option would be to do a laparoscopy surgery.
I never knew this, but endometriosis is incurable so I’ll continue to have seriously painful menstrual cycles until I hit menopause, which I am completely NOT excited about haha There is surgery for it, but people say that it’ll come back or so later on in life (if I’m not mistaken).
Mom freaked out quite a bit when she found out that I’m taking birth control – which I expected. It’s day 2 with birth control and I’m already feeling nauseous. Apparently, the nausea will go away after a few cycles. Bleh… I hope things ease up a bit though!

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