Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

Well everyone, it’s been a crazy while since I posted. Or has it? I don’t know, it feels like it has. And boy, a lot of crazy shit went down. I might have to break this post down into two or three posts, as there’s a lot to say.

To start off, Beau cheated on me. Yup, that scumbag. He had gone to Italy for a week (for work reasons) in the beginning of July and he met a girl from Sweden (let’s call her Psycho) who works in the same field as him. He didn’t talk to me much while he was there, but that was somewhat understandable as he did inform me he may not get to talk to me much because he’ll be with a lot of co-workers and friends and such. Of course, looking back, I see now why he didn’t talk to me much.

I, of course, did not find out until we were on our Florida trip together two days he gets back from Italy. I found out because I realized he was being very secretive about his phone and I confronted him about it. He admitted he ended up liking a girl named Psycho, but he claimed he did not sleep with her or anything – only that she kissed him goodbye before running away crying. Obviously, I find out later he lied about that and AGAIN confronted him about it, to which he admits he did sleep with her once and that during the whole trip he stayed at her hotel.

Apparently, he thought we were hitting a rough patch so during Italy trip he was mad at me and found a girl who was the complete opposite of me (physically and personality wise). We were still in Florida, so we just worked things out and I did some stupid things.

I think I was blinded by my emotions or love, because I started to self-blame a LOT. I started thinking, and telling him, that had I not messed up the relationship with my bad short temper and such, he would not have cheated on me.

I know, I know. That was incredibly stupid of me, but again, I think I was blinded by my emotions. He agreed in Florida that we would work things out and that he’ll stop talking to Psycho, and we’d start a new chapter together. Lies!

The day after we get back from Florida, he calls me the next morning and tells me he wants to take a break because he can’t decide between me or Psycho. At the moment I was devastated and kept asking him to just work things out with me. But later I just became dumbfounded. That asshole can’t decide between a one year relationship and a one week “relationship”?

Turns out during Florida, he would go to the bathroom to talk to Psycho, and in Italy he lied to Psycho and told her that I was an ex. After he told her the truth in Florida, she apparently didn’t even care that he lied. She just asked to change the subject and that everything will be okay. When he tried to cut things off with her, he told me she started crying and told him that if things don’t work out between me and him, to just text her. I was baffled as to how a girl did not care a guy lied to her about such a thing and also didn’t seem to give a shit that she just kinda ruined a relationship.

After we took the break, he started contacting her again (I saw through social media) and he started talking to me as a friend. It was heartbreaking at the moment, but now I’m glad. So that was a few weeks ago, and more things have happened since then. To my next post!


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