Psycho is Psycho

Part three guys! Again, if you haven’t checked it out, go scroll past this post to get background information if you have not.

At this point now, I’m seeing Beau (not Beau anymore, I’m going to call him Cheater) as a friend and do not ever want to get back with him. I admit, there were times when we would text and I’d miss him and tell him that maybe things will change in the future. But then I’d remember what he did and I’d get pissed off and be like “hell no, why would I ever want to get back with him.”

I’m obviously still upset at Psycho too. Because honestly, what kind of person (set aside girl in this situation) has the decency to partake in destroying a relationship when she knew that Cheater was lying to her and that he was in a relationship. I was taken aback by how someone could think it’s absolutely okay to help a cheater cheat on a significant other without feeling guilty about the other party.

So because of that, I began to purposely ‘like’ and comment on Cheater’s posts on facebook and instagram because I knew she would see them and be annoyed. Yeah, I did it purposely to get on her nerves.

And guess what.

She confronted Cheater and told him to tell me to back off. I guffawed pretty loudly when Cheater sent me a screenshot of her getting annoyed at me. I thought it was pretty childish that she wanted to relay a message to me too like this was some elementary school. I thought that was all, but it turns out Psycho wanted a response. I was like “girl how old are you?”

I thought it was all amusing, but if she wanted a message back, then a message back she will get. I first had Cheater ask her how it was possible she didn’t know he was in a relationship while in Italy. Apparently she just said “I don’t care about sillygirl, I don’t want to answer her question.” HA. So she knew. What a bitch.

Since she refused to answer that, I just relayed a message to her. I told her how she was being childish and that I found it funny how she thinks she has the right to tell me to back off after she willingly and knowingly destroyed a relationship and my hopes of a future with Cheater.

Cheater told me she didn’t have a response to that, all she kept telling him was to stop talking to me and that she was getting “absolutely livid.”

I loved every moment of that situation.

Not to mention Cheater is getting in some hot water too with his girlfriend. He can’t handle her anymore though, she’s too lovey-dovey and is super controlling apparently. I laugh in his face once more.

Cheater is sticking up for me sort of though, he’s not completely cutting off contact with me. Honestly, he better not. What kind of psycho thinks she has authority and power over me, who has known Cheater for more than a year now whereas Psycho has known him for only a month and was physically with him for a week.

I think this was the most fun thing that has happened to me all summer. It’s a great way to end the summer, haha. I was slightly disappointed she didn’t have a comeback for my message but I’m satisfied anyway, it means I won the argument ha.

And now, the next and last part is about Jif :)


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