An Orange Fog

It’s 11pm right now, and I can’t stop looking out my window. I opened it earlier to let in a breeze, but now I’m kind of captivated by the sight outside.

The air isn’t completely black like it should be – it’s dark but it has a slight tinge or soft orange glow to it. Could it be because of the yellow street lamps? I say air and not sky because it is very foggy out right now. My house is on a hill and I usually can see the city lights from my window, but right now I can’t see anything except nearby street lamps.

It looks mystical and quite beautiful actually – the way the atmosphere is somewhat lit up and it’s a color I can’t quite describe. If I had to attempt to describe it, I would say it’s like a light hue of faded orange mixed with a small tint of pink. I don’t even understand that myself, but for some reason that’s what I’m thinking of.

Sometimes, I see very beautiful scenes (or plain views but get an inspiring feeling) and I start to feel creative and artsy. I don’t know anyone yet whom I could share these feelings with comfortably without feeling odd to say the least, so I’m writing it down on the blog.

I personally love foggy weather and wish I could see more of it. It’s times like these I would go outside and spend some lovely alone time with my thoughts and enjoy the peace and quiet… But it’s almost midnight and my parents would not like it if I decided to take a midnight stroll by myself haha.

Have a pleasant night, everyone :)


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