Mellow, Empty Evenings

I find myself being bored quite often lately. Normally, I look forward to crawling into bed and being on my laptop or grabbing a book and reading, and I still do! But when I’m in bed, I just suddenly sit there staring at my laptop or at the wall like “… now what.”

It’s like I don’t have the interest or motivation to do what I normally enjoy doing. I try to think of other things to do, but when I do I’m just like “eh… no…” For a while now I’ve noticed that I tend to sit in bed and stare off into space because everything else is boring.

Could you believe it, I don’t even feel like listening to music anymore. I’ll try to play music to get into the groove maybe, but I turn it off after a couple minutes (if not immediately). I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t even feel like playing pokemon or watching netflix. Do I need to find new passions? Being bored is pretty tiresome now…

I noticed my temper is getting worse now too. I snap more easily or make more sassy retorts to my mom and/or get annoyed faster. I don’t mean to… but I can’t help it. My short temper’s getting worse. I guess for a while now, my whole mood is just “sigh” and all mellow and neutral.

Maybe my job is wearing me out too, ’cause I sometimes don’t feel like responding to my parents if they consistently ask me questions or I respond in a sort of exasperated way. I guess I’m too tired to respond like that.

Hopefully this phase passes. I would like to actually do things to pass the time… Heck, I’m even considering going into work tomorrow morning even though I don’t have to because I already know I’m gonna be bored as hell tomorrow.

It took a lot of effort to start writing this blog post too. Ugh. Do you guys ever get into these phases too?


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