A Crazy Plot Twist

Part 2 is a bit crazy, compared to my past posts… But I’ll start from the beginning (but I’ll be keeping it concise and just saying important parts).

So after Cheater came back from Sweden, he asked to meet up. And I reluctantly did. He picked me up from school and I was just a cold girl the whole time. Didn’t speak much unless need be, and I was pretty harsh with him, reminding him of what an ass he is. Turned out he broke up with Psycho as soon as he could. All in all, he ended up crying later on at home when he asked me if I’m just going to forget our good times like that and I responded saying that he’s the reason this was all happening.

Because he cried, I ended up crying too. It ended kind of badly, with me storming out of his house angrily. I thought that was the last time I would ever talk to him, I even texted Regina George that, saying that may be the last time I’ll ever talk to him.

That following week, Regina George and I were at school, and she seemed kinda hesitant, but finally spoke her mind. Apparently, the weekend before, Poet and she were on their way to the movies and all of a sudden Poet said “I wish Sillygirl and Cheater were still together.” Regina George, shocked, asked why, and he said that as much as Cheater did me wrong, we still had one of the best chemistries he had ever seen, and Regina George agreed with that. She told him to shut up, and they never spoke of it again. But throughout the whole weekend R.G. kept thinking about it and debated on telling me or not. And she did, on that Monday morning.

It got me thinking and suddenly I just rethought the past 2 months. They were right, we were really good together. I texted Cheater and asked if we could talk, and he responded shortly later saying yeah. I asked him if he really meant it, it he really did want us to have a second shot. And there was a pause, and he asked me if I wanted to come over and talk. So after my classes, I went to his place and we talked… And we decided to give us another chance.

I know, I know, why give cheaters another chance, right? Every cheating story you hear, the person cheated on leaves immediately and never turns back. But ah, you guys forget, I’m a huge softie. Not to mention, I admit we had something amazing.

Also, why do people cheat? For some, they just naturally are cheaters, but for others, it’s because they’re not happy in the relationship. Cheater isn’t a natural cheater, he was so loyal to me for our year long relationship, but towards the end things went awry with our relationship. I got very comfortable with my short temper and he felt like things were hitting a rough patch, so I indirectly drove him away.

For me, because we had a great thing, I’d rather give it another try and attempt to fix things rather than constantly look back in the future and ask myself “what if?” I hate ‘what if’ situations, and if it doesn’t work out, at least I won’t wonder that in the future.

We both opened up about things we didn’t like toward the end of the relationship, such as Cheater (I’m gonna call him Beau again) opening up with his emotions more and telling me when he’s unhappy, and me working on my short temper and not being so clingy.

It’s really working (: we’re not officially back together, we decided to just date for now and take things slow instead of jumping back into relationship status. We’re both working on our little issues and things are so much better. We’re both happier and I can see Beau making more of an effort. He took me out for dinner this past Tuesday and tomorrow I’ll be sleeping over at his place.

Again, I know perhaps some of you don’t like this idea of getting back with a cheater (most don’t anyway), but to be perfectly honest, no one knows your story like you do. So for you readers, just go with what you want because people giving you advice never know what it’s truly like being in your shoes (:

So, good night everyone! That’s all with updates right now.


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