Kidney Disaster!!

Gosh, it’s been a month and a half. A lot sure has happened since then. I’ll be posting a few posts of updates in general categories :)

To start off, me and Jif are no longer seeing each other. He had gone to California mid-August and when he came back he suddenly didn’t want to be together with me. He’s a super nice guy though so I wasn’t too upset, though I suspect his reasons are different from what he says. Jif claimed that he just wasn’t ready for a relationship and that he’s lost in life and doesn’t know what to do after college. But his Facebook activity proved different. There was a girl he met in California that was awfully flirty with him on his profile, and he was reciprocating too. I don’t mind that/if he met someone else, but I would have liked the truth. My guess is that he probably didn’t want to hurt me further with this after what Cheating Ex did to me, and Jif being a wicked nice guy, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Regardless, we’re good friends now and still talk occasionally as pals. It’s great!

Regina George set me up over text with a guy I’ll nickname Ramen, for reasons, and he was pretty cool, but not really my type. He was too popular for me, as weird as that sounds haha. Things didn’t work out between us, and I ended up getting a UTI from him. UTI’s are mild things and go away without intense medical conditions, as you may or may not know, but will become a dangerous situation if not treated properly.

Unfortunately for me, I let my UTI go on for more than a week. It had said online to go see the doctor immediately if it persists for more than 5 days, and I had been meaning to go, but school and internship left me NO time to make an appointment to see the doctor. And, as you may guess, because of that, I got a kidney infection.

It happened one afternoon after classes, I noticed I was getting some lower back pain and my mind immediately jumped to kidneys, but Regina George and her boyfriend, Poet, just called me a sensationalist so I left it at that. But it got worse that night and I started to get stomach aches too. I went to bed in pain because I figured that perhaps it’ll get better in the morning.

It didn’t.

My stomach ache felt more like a general abdominal pain, and my back was killing me slightly but the abdominal pain took most of my attention. I suffered through my first class at 8am and afterward went to the school nurse, at the advice of a friend. The nurse was pretty concerned and worried I might have had appendicitis. They paid for a cab and sent me to the hospital emergency room and, long story short, I stayed at the ER for roughly 3 hours and was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Dad left work early and came to be with me and take me home. I felt better after some fluid antibiotics, but the next day, holy shit the pain.

The doctor told me that when taking the antibiotics, I’ll get worse before I get better, and he was not joking. I could not get up and I had to skip my Monday and Tuesday classes even though I rested over the weekend because my back and sides were absolutely killing me. I kid you not, I think next to childbirth, a kidney infection/stone may possibly be the most painful thing ever.

That was like, a month ago though and I’m feeling much better, though I sometimes feel as if I still get some side pains from time to time. Not strong pains, but mild ones. Whatever, I’m not dying like before so I can live with it. However, now I know… if you got a medical issue, you go to the goddamn doctor ASAP regardless of how busy you are.

Anyway, Ramen has a girlfriend now but we also still talk as buddies. He apologized at one point, after not talking for a while, about us not working out. I thought it was pretty sweet of him to do so, since I’m used to Cheating Ex’s not-so-considerate self haha.

That’s part 1 of updates!


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