RIP, Sweet Ol’ Dog

Beau’s dog just passed away… Normally it is already a very sad thing to happen to someone – losing a pet you hold dear is incredibly painful. But Beau… oh Beau..

He’s currently away for business reasons in Georgia, and last night he got the call from his dad that MVP (his dog) has to be put down suddenly because they discovered an irreversible fluid that’s leaking into his heart. Apparently, it’s common in older Dobermans (MVP is part Doberman) and MVP was about 7 or 8 years old.

I felt so sad for Beau because he won’t be able to see MVP for the last time. The last time he saw him was probably last week or so, maybe even longer ago. Beau texted me at around 2:30am, when I was already asleep, saying that his family facetimed him, showing MVP about to get put down. And when Beau called his name and started talking to him, MVP raised his head and started sniffing the phone. Then before MVP passed away, Beau’s family ended the call so that Beau didn’t have to see it happen (I’m starting to cry as I type out this paragraph here).

This morning, Beau informed me that apparently MVP didn’t pass away, he survived. Beau’s parents think that maybe MVP wanted to see Beau one last time. I’m not too surprised. Personally, I think Beau is MVP’s favorite owner out of the family. Beau was pretty much the only one in his family who really looked after MVP whenever he stopped by his parents’ place. I kept my fingers crossed that maybe something will happen, like a miracle. But sadly, I got the news form Beau just now that MVP officially passed away at around 7pm.

Tuesday when Beau comes back, I’m going to try to sleep over at his place. He feels very lonely, and I completely understand that. Since Wednesday is a holiday, I most likely won’t have my internship nor class, so sleeping over Tuesday night seems like it could work. The amount of grief I have for Beau not being able to see and be with his dog one last time is unbelievable. I’ve only met MVP two or three times, and I’m still so sad (then again I’m a huge dog lover). MVP was such a sweet dog, and I was one of the few rare people he didn’t bark at when I first met him.

Rest in peace, MVP. I hope you are able to run around in vast fields of freshly cut grass up there in doggy heaven. We’ll miss you so much, none more than Beau.


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