Everyone Needs a Stupid Joke

Everyone needs something stupid in their daily lives so they can have that little laugh. For me, I laugh at just about anything. And I think that’s good. That means it’s easier to cheer me up.

Whenever I feel down or sad, I always text someone random and ask them to tell me the funniest joke they know. Most times, I’ll get a little kick out of it. And if not, a pleasant, light conversation occurs and that’s enough to distract my heavy mind itself.

I suppose that’s a good thing about me, I laugh at anything. Earlier, I was feeling pretty bummed out, so I texted Jif and asked him to tell me a joke. It was a lame joke and I got the answer pretty quickly, but the light conversation we had made me laugh. And I think everyone needs something like that.

Something stupid that’ll make them laugh and just remember how it feels to be happy for a brief moment. Being happy is a great feeling. I don’t feel it often, my life is kind of a shit hole. But when I do, it’s wonderful.

I hope all of you have something you can do, or just something you have in your life, that reminds you that being happy is an important and awesome mood to be in (:


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