Medical Bills on the Rise

I cannot believe my eyes right now. UGH. Okay, so you guys know how I got a kidney infection like a month or so ago and went to the ER? I know that ERs are generally expensive, but holy shit I didn’t realize just how costly it would be.

When I was in the ER wing, they did a quick ultrasound on me that lasted maybe 5-7 minutes max. The bill came in, and I was shocked to see that I have to pay over $2,700, and it basically was divided into three chunks: two ultrasound appointments I had, one appointment I had with a specialist, and my ER visit. My ultrasound at the ER alone is $1,770. WHAT THE FUCK. They didn’t perform a miracle on me, they didn’t even do the ultrasound to see what the issue was! They just checked to double check and confirm that I did in fact have a kidney infection.

And for the specialist, as a new patient, I had to pay over $750. I’m so confused and mad! Why are medical things so expensive?! I once saw online that the use of anesthesia itself costed someone nearly 31 grand… okay granted I don’t know how long they had to have anesthesia used on them, but still that’s crazy! Proper medical care shouldn’t be THIS expensive.

Ugh, I know people probably have worse bills than mine, but I’m just sharing my current outrage. My mom is still going through appointments for cancer treatment too, so all these bills together just ruin things. Damn.


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