A Magical Reveal and Realization

Okay! So… how Boo found out. Actually first, I’m gonna change his name to… Magician. Since he’s such an expert at deceit and is a fantastic liar *rolls eyes in exasperation.* There’s no real reason to change his name, I just don’t want to give off the perception to everyone that I still really like Magician. I mean, I do, but I’m not in love like when we were officially together earlier this year.

Anyway, I didn’t plan on having Magician find out about Gamer. I mean, I wasn’t going to lie about Gamer – like if Magician asked me directly if I was “seeing” anyone else I would have told the truth. I just wasn’t planning on willingly putting the information out there without Magician asking. It seemed kind of bitchy and rubbing-in-his-face kind of thing.

I was at Magician’s place past weekend and we were chilling in bed when I opened up my messages and Magician saw that I had recently talked to Gamer. Now, apparently, Magician remembered who he was because over the summer, Magician (while with Psycho, the girl he cheated on me with) asked me if I was talking to anyone else. I listed a bunch of guys I actually was talking to, and Gamer was one of the names too. I was surprised he remembered (given his horrendous memory capabilities), but he said the only reason why he remembers was because when I mentioned Gamer in the past, he thought to himself about how that sounded like a very white name (I guess a partial, fraction of a hint of who Gamer is haha).

Being confronted, I told him about Gamer and our meet up and such. And Magician got incredibly jealous. I was pretty surprised, but not at the same time. I think I was only surprised because this revealing aspect happened a lot sooner than I expected.

And so, nothing new really happened. But yeah, Magician is now aware of Gamer and thinks I’m seeing him. Little does Magician know, Gamer and I are not REALLY seeing each other, but I’m going to let Magician think what he wants.

When asked about how Gamer was like, I mentioned shamelessly that Gamer is an incredibly nice person and is considerate, seeing as how Magician’s lack of consideration often irked me (I didn’t mention the last part).

Amusingly enough, since then, Magician has been talking to me a lot more than usual, actually being a bit more considerate… it’s quite hilarious. He admitted that since finding out about Gamer, he can’t stop thinking about me and the fact that he has competition now makes him really want me now.

Like great, I should have just given Magician some competition while we were together and give him something to work for. Anyway, Magician also wanted to see what Gamer looked like, and when he scrolled through his Facebook pictures, he said “…. hm, yeah okay he’s attractive. I’d have sex with him too.” It was a hilarious moment haha.

Anywho, that’s about it. Oh, and I’m considering breaking it off with Magician soon. Like for real. This whole time, my mind’s been in somewhat of a gray area – not knowing what to do or how to feel really. But today, while waiting for the bus, I felt as though I was leaving that gray area and toward a more secure side. I’m not completely on a black or white decision right now, still in the gray area, but I think I’m getting somewhere. Slow steps, right?

Hope it works out eventually for me. Have a fantastic day/night!


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