The Chill Gamer

So.. Met this dude. For the blog, I shall name him… Gamer. Because he absolutely loves playing video games.

I met him over Tinder, but not actually. We matched in the summer (before I met Jif), but we never met up (because I got invested in Jif essentially). Last Tuesday, I was feeling bummed out because like… Boo is still talking to other girls, he doesn’t want to be exclusive, and yet here I am trying to hold us together as if *I* was the one who goddamn cheated and has to pull extra weight. If anything, it should be me that’s talking to two other guys and Boo attempting to win me over after what he did.

Anyway, so I was bummed out slightly about that, then while I was on facebook, I saw that one of the “friend suggestions” was Gamer. I normally would not have reached out to him after now talking to him for nearly 5 months. But Tuesday, chilling with my buddy Musician, I was already in a “fuck it all” mood, so I texted him asking if he wanted to meet up for hot drinks.

He responded a little later positively with something like “hey girl, sure thing :)” I was relieved. So we made plans to meet up Thursday after my class near his work place.

It was great! He had to go back to work, but I decided to meet up with him at his place after he got off around 7pm. Coincidentally, he lives legit right behind my aunt’s workplace. Less than a minute’s walk. When I got there, I was so shocked because I’ve seen that house SOOOO many times before. I always go to my aunt’s place or that area in general so I was surprised that in the two years he’s lived here, I’ve never seen him before. Or at least, probably don’t remember seeing him.

Gamer is a really chill person. After we did the deed, we briefly opened up about our past, and he told me that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. Mainly because about two years ago, he got out of a 4 year long relationship (hot damn) and the break up felt like a divorce. And he doesn’t want to go through that again without actually getting married. So for now he’s just dating one girl at a time and such.

And here I am, being devastated about a 1.5 year long relationship haha lame. But anyway, I’m cool with that. I don’t think I could handle another relationship so soon. I’m trying to figure out if that makes Gamer a fuck boy (basically a boy who flits from one girl to the next and has mainly sexual goals), but I really can’t tell because for a fuck boy he’s pretty damn nice haha.

I met up with him on Sunday again, and it felt a bit more comfortable. He showed me all the games he had on Steam (place where you can buy, store, and play your games). It’s ridiculous, he has over like 400 games and has only played a fraction of them. We got caught up watching game trailers and it really put me in the mood to watch more trailers. It’s been a while since I’ve done so.

He recommended the rpg game The Binding of Isaac, and I’m trying to fucking download it but to no avail. And he showed me Minecraft too. It was fairly cool, but I think I’ll have to play for a bit longer in order to see how I feel about it.

When I was leaving, he told me to let him know anytime I wanted to hang out, and that made me happy. I could really use a distraction right now from work, school and Boo. And honestly, since I’ve talked to Gamer, I’ve felt a bit happier. I don’t expect us to get into anything heavy, this casual thing is more than good enough for me. But anywho, I’m looking forward to our next hang out, whenever that may be. Probably after my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. I’M TURNING 21!!! I can’t wait! It’s going to be jam packed: sleepover Friday night, then Saturday night going straight to a Tibetan event, and once it strikes midnight and is officially the 29th, two Tibetan friends will take me out drinking for my first legal experience. Sunday I’ll probably spend it with my family! I cannot wait. As an introvert, I’m going to be so fucking worn out haha.

Okay anyway… That’s all for updates (: I have another post to make about Boo’s reaction to Gamer (dun dun dunnnnn), but I have to get ready for class so that’ll have to be another day.


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