Taking Away Illnesses

So as everyone knows, I’m epileptic. For those unfamiliar, it’s a brain disorder where I will get seizures. However, my medication prevent seizures from occurring.

Now, for the past year, I’ve stopped taking my medications and I’ve been alright! No seizures whatsoever, I don’t even get symptoms of oncoming seizures either. I informed my neurologist at my last appointment earlier this year, and he didn’t understand why I stopped. He said I should continue (I still have not continued my medications haha).

I’m currently in the living room, doing my own thing while partly eavesdropping on what my mom was saying to my uncle over the phone. They were on the topic of dogs, particularly my dog and my cousin’s dog. She talked about how our dog actually gets seizures from time to time as well, which he has. So far, he’s had two or three seizures I believe. I never really thought much of it except that we need to get him to the fucking vet’s ASAP, but my parents never found the time.


She mentioned how there are always folk tales of pets taking away illnesses of their owners. And she said that since I stopped taking my meds and not having seizures whatsoever, our dog has begun getting them.

And then as a side story mentioned my cousin’s dog, who is a very aggressive dog. And since he became a very unfriendly old dog, my cousin (the one who brought him home as a puppy) had lost his nasty short temper and random outbursts.

I don’t know if I believe that, but it definitely is a weird coincidence. Not to mention, it makes me feel slightly sad. That if that is true, my dog has to suffer through random seizures.

Hm, whatever it is, I thought it was interesting to share.


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