Life Happens


Anyone got a motto? A life motto that you live by? I never used to have one, but after the cheating incident, I’ve developed “life happens.” I’m not sure how it came to be or why I thought of that, but I recall there were a few days several months ago where for some reason, those words would not leave my mind. It seemed like they were etched into my mind and I couldn’t forget about it.

It sounds simple, but damn it resonated with me. To me, it represented how life is unpredictable. I mean, yeah everyone says that on the regular but it REALLY hit me then that life is seriously fucking unpredictable. Like, I never imagined my then-boyfriend would cheat on me. And I NEVER, in my entire life, thought I would go through a ho phase.

I used to be the most loyal person ever. Like, even if I was talking to a guy and there was no promise of what we would be or no label on us, I’d still stick to him and brush away other dudes. I would invest myself so much in one guy if there was even a little something there. Who knew that I would turn into a damn ho for a few weeks.

All this made me realize that you really cannot have any expectations in life. Why have expectations? In the end, you’re either mildly surprised and happy that they came true or plummeted into the ravines of disappointment. Well, not true, I guess you could be high in the clouds of ecstatic emotions if something you expected came true.

Regardless, my point is that things are so unexpected, you know? Like, no matter what you planned in life, something else that’s drastically different could occur. I wonder what else could happen that will be so unpredictable in my life. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna live my life without a plan (I’ve always been a planner and I doubt that’ll change one day). All I’m saying is that I’m not going to expect things to stay cemented. I can’t hold onto things – I have to let go of the concept of grasping, as my cousin so wisely said recently.

Oh side note: It’s hilarious but I checked out my yearly horoscope, and for the love section it said that I’ll meet a few romantic interests, and I quote, “through a matchmaking experience of some sort – such as speed dating or an actual matchmaker.” Wow, tinder much? Haha, and then it said that if I can’t choose among the few good romantic possibilities, then “just date casually until you discover that particular someone who seems right for you.”

I think my yearly horoscope is encouraging me to continue being a ho in the most uplifting way possible. Haha, I know it’s just a horoscope but it’s entertaining to look at.

Anyway, that’s all, have a great night everyone!


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