Abdominal Mysteries

So as an underweight girl, it’s normal for me to get irregular menstrual cycles and be late often naturally. But it’s still stressful when you’re sexually active… This month, I am 11 days late and still counting. Normally I would be just slightly worried, but this time I was severely worried because I started noticing these other symptoms.

I was getting pre-period symptoms, but at the same time I was getting these abdominal pains since two weeks ago. As I’m typing this, I am feeling a pain in my abdomen. The pains aren’t usually situated in one spot. It’s everywhere in my abdomen region. Sometimes it feels like it’s in my intestines, sometimes it feels like cramps, sometimes it feels like sharp pelvic pain, and sometimes it feels like a stitch. It’s very weird.

I was so worried I went to the doctor today to get a pregnancy test done, and thank god it came out negative. I’m mentally celebrating through these invisible punches i’m getting to the abdomen.

I have no idea what in the world this is, but I have to call my primary care doctor and set up an appointment to see what’s up. I’m wondering if this is related to the abnormal and painful cyst I developed last year. Maybe not, but who knows right? Ugh, more medical bills..

I’ll keep you guys posted!


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