Sickness for Days

My abdominal pains are still ever so present, though not as much as before. I’m beginning to wonder if the cause is physiological. Like if perhaps there is some sort of underlying stress that is causing my nearly month old abdominal pains. I had gone to the doctor about a week and a half ago and they tested for almost 10-15 different things. All of them came back with normal results. The doctor I saw called me and discussed how baffled she was and that it’s likely that perhaps the antibiotics I took back in the fall/early winter for my kidney infection and UTI could be the cause. Apparently, antibiotics are very strong and they kill off not only the germs they’re supposed to, but also other additional germs in your body. And since I took like a total of 15 days worth of antibiotics, there’s a chance that it has caused the dilemma I’m facing. If it’s true, it is such a delayed response from the antibiotics a few months ago, but I suppose there’s no other explanation the doctor could think of.

Anyway, the doctor told me that if I’m not better by tomorrow, I should call back. And I’m not, so I’m going to shoot her an email and ask if I should set up an appointment with someone from the gastroenterology department.

Besides that, things have been dandy. I have a midterm coming up next week and a really wacky short story I have to create by next week as well.

Oh, I started to go on birth control because I really do not appreciate my irregular cycles, especially if my period dares to come two weeks late like this time. And boy oh boy, I got pretty sick the first day I took it. I had taken birth control before, but the worst I ever got was just nausea.

This brand that I took, I puked three times the next day I took my first pill. I felt so sick, and I think the train ride is to blame for it. I was hardly able to contain my vomit by the time I arrived on campus and was (carefully) rushing to the bathroom. After the first time, I felt a little better, but man, sitting through class was hell. I felt so uncomfortable and fidgety and over class period I had the urge to puke again. After class, rushed to the bathroom again and puked two more times.

Then I camped out in the bathroom for an additional 30 minutes just in case while waiting for Regina George to show up on campus so I could get some DayQuil. But after like an hour and a half of waiting for her, I felt better. I went home, lay in bed under warm blankets with a bowl of mac n cheese, my dog sleeping next to me, and watching the show Futurama. It was a good rest of the day.

Anywho, I’m at work and should be doing work related things. I just hadn’t posted in a while. Toodaloo everyone! Hope you all have a great day.


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