That One Legendary Person

I don’t know how many of you have seen this, but there’s a post floating around on the internet that compares Pokemon with your love life. It stated how you’ll meet all kinds of different Pokemon, and you’ll use so many Poke Balls, Great Balls, even Ultra Balls to capture them. But you gotta wait till that special legendary Pokemon to use your Master Ball.

For those unaware, you can buy all sorts of poke balls to capture Pokemon. Poke Balls for regular Pokemon, Great Balls for harder to catch Pokemon, Ultra Balls for even harder Pokemon to catch, and for some games you can get one Master Ball (just one). For all of the different type of Poke Balls except Master Ball, there’s no 100% guarantee that the Pokemon will be caught, hence why you can buy more of them at a store. The Master Ball, however, is 100% guaranteed catch rate no matter what level pokemon you’re trying to catch. That’s why they’re rare and you have to use your Master Ball wisely.

(Note: there’s no rule really, you can use whichever Poke Ball you want to capture whatever Pokemon you want. But if you use a Poke Ball on a legendary Pokemon, you’ll probably need like 30 of those Poke Balls because chances of capture are very slim. And if you wanna use an Ultra Ball on a regular Pokemon, by all means go ahead. Catch rate will be high… but also a total waste of an Ultra Ball because they’re pretty expensive)

Anyway, Regina George sent me that picture because she knows how much I love Pokemon. And it made me a little sad because I realized I already used my Master Ball. I already used it on Magician, my ex, and despite the fact that he fucked up big time and fucked me over and I’m still heavily affected by his past actions, I can’t deny that he was that legendary Pokemon for me. He was probably the best I got and it’s pretty sad to think that I already probably had my best.

I know, there’s no telling. I’ll probably meet “my best” eventually but as of now, this is how I feel. As much as I don’t like Magician, he’ll always (unfortunately) have a place in my heart. We had great chemistry together and as much as I don’t want to do this, I can’t help but compare Magician to Batman from time to time and randomly think to myself about how Batman and I don’t have the spark/chemistry that Magician and I had. Even R.G. and her boyfriend, Poet, agreed that we had a chemistry unlike other. It wasn’t only that, it felt like… we were one. We could be totally comfortable with each other, we loved everything about each other. Magician’s only downfall was that he wasn’t very articulate so he failed to express how he felt, unlike Batman and his fluid flow of how he feels about me.

Since I wasted that Master Ball on Magician, I’ve just been half-heartedly throwing Poke Balls at fuckboys. I haven’t even used any Great Balls or Ultra Balls yet. But maybe that will change in the future. So remember to save your Master Ball and even Ultra Balls for that potential special someone.


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