Sleep Paralysis or a Dream?

I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis before, but have heard a lot of frightening things about it. How people will be awake, unable to move, and sometimes they’ll witness horrific things like dark figures, bad vibes, unnatural presences… I was never curious to want to experience that though.

However, I think I may have gotten a glimpse of what it was like? Last night, I vaguely remember waking up and through my half-asleep phase I felt this horrible pain in my lower right pelvic side, which I had gotten earlier that night after hanging out with Gamer. And I recall mentally wincing from the unbearable pain. I was lying on my side curled up in a fetal position and wanted to stretch out on my back to possibly ease the pain, but I couldn’t do it.

I felt like no matter how much I willed myself, I couldn’t move from that position. Then, while groggy still, I thought about how maybe this was sleep paralysis. The pain was still sharp and pestering me a lot, but I still couldn’t move my body. I remember thinking that my legs felt like stone.

I guess I must have fallen asleep after that because next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and it was morning. I still can’t figure out if maybe it was just a dream or not. Perhaps it was a dream, since it was such a hazy moment, but I don’t know.. it felt way too real to be a dream, like my thoughts during the moment and all. I went to bed in the fetal position, woke up in the middle of the night in that position, and then woke up in the morning in that position as well. Plus, a little odd to be having a dream about sleep paralysis and exact same pelvic pain from earlier that night, honestly speaking.

It definitely wasn’t a scary dream/moment, but nonetheless it most certainly was pretty creepy and captivating in a creepy way. Anyway, back to my documentary!


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