Bookstore Adventures

Last night, I slept over at Gamer’s place, but before I went over to his place I stopped by my favorite bookstore. It’s a bookstore that I would go to every day in middle school. I used to go there with my family friend to chat and catch up, I would tutor a friend in math there in 8th grade, or I would simply sit and do my own work as well (they had nice long tables against the window of the store where you could work).

Along with that, they have this mini cafe near the entrance of the bookstore, and every time you walk in, it smells heavenly. At least, to me it does haha it smells warm (if that’s possible to imagine) and just oh so soothing. It’s not the smell of coffee or anything either. I can’t place my finger on it, but it’s like a mix of books and… I’m not sure! Warm books?? Whatever it is, it’s very comforting to me.

I still go there when I can and while I do see new faces, it’s nice to see old employees that have been there since my middle school days back in ’08 or so.

Anyway, so I was there last night and I discovered a section I had never come across before. A paleontology section. Cue the enthusiastic trumpet noises. I was ecstatic as hell and so surprised I never saw it before! I think it’s partly because the section is RIGHT next to the door (and the shelf on the floor too) that employees go through to get to their back storage so it’s a bit odd to crouch down like Gollum in front of that door and have the possibility of someone opening the door and tripping over you.

Because I didn’t want to cause any accidents, I browsed through the two shelves pretty quickly. It was mainly a “life sciences” section so it had all sorts of evolution books and dinosaur ones. I ended up buying this one book called “The Story of Life in 25 Fossils.”  It basically discusses 25 of the most important and iconic fossil discoveries in history and goes in depth about why they’re important to the study of evolution/paleontology. It includes fossils like Archaeopteryx (first dinosaur they discovered with feathers) and trilobites and other paleobotany related fossils.

I’ve actually been eyeing this book at a Barnes and Nobles store, which was cheaper by like maybe $10, but I couldn’t wait so I purchased it. Even though I’m stingy. I cried mentally while at the counter making the buy, but tried to convince myself it was worth $35.

At Gamer’s place I read it for a bit and it’s interesting! Gamer called me a nerd, but ha. Later he was reading a book on binary codes and such, so who’s the nerd now. Kidding, I think it’s great when people nerd out haha it means they have something they’re passionate about and that’s what makes life a little more enjoyable, right?

Gamer is pretty big into coding and programming, and he actually is currently working on programming his own game. Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, I’m going to go continue this book for a while before I have to head off to work.

Have a great day, everyone!


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