Feeling Like the Puke Queen

I woke up this morning with an “uh oh” thought. Asked my dad to drive me to school instead of taking the train because I feared I may puke. And lo and behold, halfway through the drive I puked in the plastic bag I was clutching onto for dear life.

It was amusing because my dad brought along our dog (I’ll call him fluffy), and shortly after I threw up he asked me to take a picture of fluffy because he looked so cute in the back poking his head out the window. I gave my dad an “are you serious” glance before half heartedly taking pics of my dog. Granted, fluffy did look cute. Whenever the wind blows in his face he looks like Chewbacca.

Anywho, I figured maybe the cause of my puking was my birth control (I started that to help regulate my irregular periods), but both my parents at home stated that they too were feeling nauseous. Neither seemed bad enough that they were gonna hurl, but still it leads me to think maybe the cause was not my birth control but something else. Maybe something in the food last night or whatever else. Not to mention it’s been over a month and a half since I started my birth control. Is it possible I’m still having side effects?

Although, funnily enough first time I took birth control I puked the next morning too right before this exact same English class. I could have skipped and stayed home today, but I already missed a class last week so I couldn’t skip a second time in a row. Even if it may be for a legitimate reason.

Currently, I’m in class. It’s work day and everyone’s silently working on their projects while I’m typing away on my blog. I didn’t know it was going to be a work day so I didn’t bring anything to work on.

Really wanna go get some crackers though, I’m starting to get hungry despite also being a little nauseous.

Well, hope I get better before noon or so. Have a great rest of the day everyone!


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