Unbalanced Mom

My mom is going on a rampage again. I should have left and gone to school, even though I didn’t have class. My parents came back from grocery shopping and I could tell they were in a bad mood. Dad left to go buy something for the yard and as soon as he left, mom just let it rip on me.

Told me things like “I took the day off to enjoy myself and you’re just ruining it.”

??? I’m sorry what did I do, mom. Seriously, what. Yes I forgot to turn off the heat yesterday before I went to school, but that was yesterday. Are you saying my actions of yesterday are ruining today?

“Just seeing you makes me sick.”

Sorry, mom. This is why I want to move out but no, you won’t let me. You say it’s my responsibility to stay and take care of my parents. I would gladly do that. But do you realize you acting like this and putting me down constantly makes me less inclined to do it.

It would be different if mom was generally nice and encouraging, and got mad now and then. That’s understandable, happens to everyone. But my mom is not that balanced. She never says a single good thing about me. Ever. She’s never once told me what my good points were, but she has no problem ranting about my flaws. She thinks it’s false encouragement to say compliments or tell me she’s proud of me at least once. She has no problem telling me that I’m not that pretty, or am irresponsible, or just plain pathetic.

I’m not even a bad child. I don’t go clubbing, I come home before midnight, I do all my work on time, I go to work, I never talk back. I just get yelled at for leaving my room messy now and then or forgetting to do something she asked. And then those rants go from not cleaning my room to how I’m a failure in life and that I’ll get no where.

Thanks mom, hope you realize you’re just bringing my self-esteem down further. And you wonder why we don’t have a great mother-daughter relationship where we tell each other everything. Just, please. Leave me alone.


2 thoughts on “Unbalanced Mom

  1. Hang in there! I grew up with a mother who was diagnosed bipolar- and she never took her meds :( just think it won’t be long before you’re out on your own

    • I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through hard times too :( I hope all is well with you nowadays :) But thank you for the kind words! You’re right, I’m sure things will be okay in the end. After all, the sun always comes out after the rain.

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