Positive Push

As we all (hopefully all by now) know, I love writing. I live for writing. I love writing various things from short stories to poetry to critical essays.

Of course, for school we submit different types of writing and then get our grades and feedback on them. Constructive criticism is great – it helps me improve and know where and what to fix. But one of my favorite English teachers of all time always gave me only positive feedback and no criticism at all – despite not correcting obvious grammatical errors I may have overlooked from time to time. On separate occasions he even suggested I submit the writing pieces (several poetry pieces and an article) to journals or newspapers to see if they’d get accepted.

It’s… nice. It’s nice to get positive feedback. I know some people are probably fueled with motivation to do better if someone tells them a negative thing, like my mom. My mom is one of those people who has the “I’ll show them how good I am!” attitude. But I’m the opposite. I tend to do much better when I receive positive feedback. That’s not to say I don’t like constructive criticism. Constructive criticism most certainly helps me and I don’t dislike it at all, but I definitely love positive feedback better.

For me, my mindset toward constructive criticism is “oh okay, now I know where to improve and what to do next time,” whereas my mindset toward positive feedback is “oh yay! I did well. Now I’m more confident in my writing and feel like I can do anything!” That’s the type of feedback that pushes me to do well and better (no, the positiveness doesn’t get to my head nor do I become arrogant haha).

My English teacher did that, and I’ve never felt so confident about my writing over the year (I had him for two semesters). I’m very grateful to him and I actually still have all the papers/works that he gave back. I like to read them over from time to time if I need an extra push on a certain day.

It’s great :) What fuels you guys?


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