Reaping Rewards

Hey everyone! It’s raining here in Boston, and on my way to my internship there’s a lot of smooth brick sidewalks. I’ve had a bad experience when I was 10 years old where I slipped and did the classic “slip on a banana peel” fall. It was embarrassing and scarring. Since then I’ve always been careful. Luckily, that didn’t happen to me today. But I accidentally stepped in three puddles while in flats so like… I guess something bad was bound to happen.

Anyway, I wanted to recount a funny but warm story. It dates back to 2010, when I was a sophomore in high school. I had just been diagnosed with Epilepsy so I was in the beginning stages of getting used to my medication’s side effects. Due to that, I wasn’t able to play sports anymore because I’d get so worn out so quickly (fun fact: I used to play soccer and lacrosse!). But I still needed P.E. credit at the time so I decided to be the JV Boys’ Soccer team’s manager. My friend (we’ll call her Melon) also joined me because she’s never been the type to be sporty (Imagine a sassy, funny, popular chick who is stylish and almost always wears some sort of heels to school).

It was good, and the coach was pretty nice, but he didn’t pay too much attention to Melon and me. I was fine by that. As managers, Melon and I had to come to the beginning and end of soccer practices to help set up and also clean up, respectively, as well as come to soccer games. Melon was cooperative at first, but eventually she kinda skipped her duties and left them to me. I didn’t mind too much, it wasn’t like she was a bad friend or anything.

I kept going though because they needed at least one manager. I’d bring snacks and drinks to the games as well and I remember freezing my ass off sitting on a steel bench in like 40 degree weather. I tried to do well as a manager because I already was doing pretty minimal tasks and I didn’t want to look like a slacker.

Anyway, one day at a soccer game, we were sharing an umbrella because it was pouring out. One of our friends on the team wasn’t on the field so he came and jokingly pushed me out from under the umbrella. After passing some jokes, I went over to stand by the line of players waiting to be subbed in. Getting drenched, I stood specifically next to a good friend of mine and he asked me why I was standing out here and not under the umbrella.

Before I could answer, I heard the coach from nearby say “‘Cause she’s part of the team. SHE’S PART OF THE TEAM.” And I got hyped by his energy and screamed back “YEAH!!!”

It was an amusing moment but I felt so touched haha. The fact that my consistent work as a manager was being appreciated and acknowledged. Although you should always do your best regardless of the outcome, it’s still nice to have your hard work be acknowledged – be it directly or subtly. Cue the phrase “hard work pays off.”

And now, I shall be off! I just got to work and I should probably start doing what I have to do. No point writing a post about hard work if I’m not doing it now.

Have a great day!


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