The Future Sixth Mass Extinction

So I’m slightly mildly more than a little concerned for our planet Earth. I mean, I always have been in the past but that worry has increased quite a bit last night.

I read an article reporting thousands of dead squids washing up on the shores of the Santa Maria island in Costa Rica. So that’s already devastating and shocking enough. Have you guys seen the pictures? You’d think ‘thousands’ is exaggerating but, man, they were not kidding. You can hardly tell the individual squids apart because they’re all squished together.

It’s more alarming though because a few weeks ago, there was another article stating that hundreds of dead sea lions had also washed up in northern Chile. Now it’s already a huge problem – two different species all dying and washing up somewhere. Obviously, there’s something in the waters.

In many of the articles, both situations seem to share the speculation of rising sea temperatures being the reason for these mass deaths. In addition, some articles regarding the dead squids have reported that it may also be due to low oxygen levels in the sea (there were other man-related reasons given, but I’m focusing on these two natural ones).

For me, this sounds familiar. As a paleontologist enthusiast, I’ve spent some time learning about the land before time (joke). To some people, this may not be news, but here goes anyway.

So we’ve learned about the great dinosaur extinction that pretty much wiped out every life organism except for the hardy mammals and others. But in addition to that, there has been four other mass extinctions prior to that one. Three of them occurred before the Triassic era (when dinosaurs first came), and one of them occurred during the dinosaur age (between the Triassic and Jurassic era). And obviously, the fifth one being the death of all dinosaurs (sadly).

Now, I don’t know much about the two extinctions regarding dinosaurs, but I do know that the three mass extinctions before the Triassic era had to do with the sea and oxygen levels. One of them, the Permian (right before the Triassic era) mass extinction was one of THE largest mass extinctions. It’s even been nicknamed “The Great Dying” because an overwhelming 96% of life died out in that extinction. All of the life we have today comes from the remaining 4% of life that survived.

The reasons for those three mass extinctions had numerous different reasons, such as volcanic activity, melting of ice glaciers, etc. But all of them also involved a drop in oxygen levels or a change in sea temperature. These extinctions didn’t happen suddenly at once like the asteroid demolishing the dinosaur race, they happened slowly over time. But they happened fast enough that animals couldn’t adapt over generations and caused them to die out.

It’s essentially what’s happening now. Climate change today is quickly (in universe time, it’s pretty quick) changing the earth and repeating the same common theme that all the mass extinctions had. I’m not saying we are in the middle of another mass extinction… but it sure as heck seems like we’re about to be in one. Not to mention, paleontologists who have studied the mass extinctions more in depth have stated that the earth will inevitably experience a 6th mass extinction at some point. And based on how the world is changing over the years, I’m not that surprised. Of course, not a super fast extinction, but a slow subtle one.

Okay, it sounds like I’m one of those people running around claiming “IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD,” but I’m not getting to that point haha I’m merely sharing my thoughts on this. I don’t have anyone close to me I can talk about seriously regarding this matter so might as well talk to myself about it on the blog! Also, have you seen the photo of the starving polar bear in the Arctic due to the rapidly melting ice? It’s really saddening.

Any who, thought of the day!


Life Happens


Anyone got a motto? A life motto that you live by? I never used to have one, but after the cheating incident, I’ve developed “life happens.” I’m not sure how it came to be or why I thought of that, but I recall there were a few days several months ago where for some reason, those words would not leave my mind. It seemed like they were etched into my mind and I couldn’t forget about it.

It sounds simple, but damn it resonated with me. To me, it represented how life is unpredictable. I mean, yeah everyone says that on the regular but it REALLY hit me then that life is seriously fucking unpredictable. Like, I never imagined my then-boyfriend would cheat on me. And I NEVER, in my entire life, thought I would go through a ho phase.

I used to be the most loyal person ever. Like, even if I was talking to a guy and there was no promise of what we would be or no label on us, I’d still stick to him and brush away other dudes. I would invest myself so much in one guy if there was even a little something there. Who knew that I would turn into a damn ho for a few weeks.

All this made me realize that you really cannot have any expectations in life. Why have expectations? In the end, you’re either mildly surprised and happy that they came true or plummeted into the ravines of disappointment. Well, not true, I guess you could be high in the clouds of ecstatic emotions if something you expected came true.

Regardless, my point is that things are so unexpected, you know? Like, no matter what you planned in life, something else that’s drastically different could occur. I wonder what else could happen that will be so unpredictable in my life. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna live my life without a plan (I’ve always been a planner and I doubt that’ll change one day). All I’m saying is that I’m not going to expect things to stay cemented. I can’t hold onto things – I have to let go of the concept of grasping, as my cousin so wisely said recently.

Oh side note: It’s hilarious but I checked out my yearly horoscope, and for the love section it said that I’ll meet a few romantic interests, and I quote, “through a matchmaking experience of some sort – such as speed dating or an actual matchmaker.” Wow, tinder much? Haha, and then it said that if I can’t choose among the few good romantic possibilities, then “just date casually until you discover that particular someone who seems right for you.”

I think my yearly horoscope is encouraging me to continue being a ho in the most uplifting way possible. Haha, I know it’s just a horoscope but it’s entertaining to look at.

Anyway, that’s all, have a great night everyone!

Life or Death?

You know what I think about sometimes? Life and death. No, not about my odd phobia. But like… the mysteries of it and the social view of them.

Everyone obviously prefers life over death, and some of the most famous quotes are about living life, having no regrets, and so on. You gotta live the life, take risks, do wild things so that later in life you won’t have those “what if” thoughts.


What if death is what is better for us? That sounds pretty dark. Phrased a different way, what if death is more beautiful than life? All we know is life, nothing about death. Well, people do have near death experiences and I guess some people use hypnosis to check it out, but we’d never know until we truly experience it. Which, unfortunately, would mean we wouldn’t be able to come back to tell the tale/experience.

We know pretty much nothing about death. And that’s scary for most people. Not knowing what something is, not knowing the unknown. Death could be all sorts of things, and I suppose religions have different views on it. Like Tibetan Buddhists (I’m not sure about Buddhists from other countries) believe in reincarnation/rebirth and Christians believe in hell or heaven. Or afterlife. But for the most part, death is just nothingness. It’s black, nothingness. Mainly because we can’t imagine what it’s like.

And I think we’re also “scared” of death a little bit because society has created the image that when you die, a skeleton in a hooded cloak and huge scythe comes to take your soul away. For most people, hell is another representation of death. The fiery, hot, dark depths full of screams and agony (I could be wrong, I’m just putting down what I normally hear).

For all we know… Death could be a beautiful place. A pleasant, wonderful paradise. Who knows? Some TV shows show that, like Ghost Whisperer. From an episode I remember, one of the ghosts (main character’s family member) resided in a beautiful garden like place.

So like that, if we knew what death was like, then what if death is the thing we’d desire more than life? What if death is better suited for us?

One of my favorite quotes (not from a famous person, just made up) I found online is:

“Life asked death, “why do people love me but hate you?” And death responded, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”” <—— (Looooove)

So yeah, I have strange thoughts sometimes. What are your thoughts on this? Ever thought about death at all actually?

Life and Death

Wow. I had quite an intense discussion with my roommate last night. We talked about death and life. The topic raised after she finished reading the book assigned by one of my english classes called “The Death of Ivan Ilyich.” (I’m only on chapter two and we have to finish the book for tomorrow so I’m kind of fucked. Luckily, it’s a short story and the chapters aren’t long.) The title kind of explains what the plot is, but basically it’s about a man named Ivan Ilyich and he gets this disease (we’re not really sure if it’s cancer or something) and he only lives for three days. He’s scared of death, like a lot, and refuses to admit that he will die. He’s just terrified of the idea. That’s all I know, I don’t know any specifics.

So anyway, after she finished it, she was “dazed” by what she read. She became philosophical and just talked her feelings (haha). We discussed about the typical question: “Why is there life? What’s the purpose of life? Why are we here?” Yeah, they’re so typical and old fashioned in a sense, but when you really ask yourself those questions, you become curious and realize that it’s a legit question.

I thought about ghosts too. Why are there ghosts (If you believe in ghosts)? I don’t know if I myself believe in ghosts, but when I watch those ghost adventure tv shows, I highly doubt those are made up… So suppose they are real. Ghosts of people stay behind because they died in misery or anger, right? Or their life was tormented so they didn’t die peacefully. Like if they got murdered. So if people’s spirits stay behind, they roam around and stuff. If that’s true, then does that mean their minds stay behind with them? Does their conscious stay behind like ours? Or are they simply mindless souls wandering around?

Is our mind connected to our soul even? I think the souls are who we are, our bodies are simply casts or cases to hold “us” in. So I guess that makes sense, concluding that the mind is part of our soul. Back to the ghosts, if the mind does stay back, we’re basically somewhat immortal? I really doubt someone would want to be immortal like that… You won’t be able to use your senses (touch smell, etc.).

Even so, I don’t think I would want to become immortal. You’ll have to watch everyone you love die eventually. You’d pretty much change yourself into a cold person and keep distance from everyone so you won’t get hurt and sad when they leave you one day. But then that takes the point out of being immortal, you won’t enjoy anything in your life.

And subject change (I’m jumping back and forth a lot). Why is there life? Suppose you were to take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, away from earth (life, objects, animals, humans, and so on) and then take away the universe (yes the entire thing)…. What else is there? Is there anything beyond all that? How far does the universe stretch? Does it stop eventually? If so, then what’s beyond that? Is that where such thing called parallel dimensions come into play?

Gosh, this is so confusing. When you really really think about these things, your mind becomes freaked out. Trust me. It’s been a while since I’ve talked/thought about these kinds of things.

Existence Somewhat Part 2?

This senior stretch between thanksgiving and winter break is killing me…. I’m catching senioritis…. Anyway, I just got all these comments on my Existence post and thanks so much everyone! The comments literally made me smile from ear to ear. Really made my day shine. And so, most of you asked me to elaborate on my idea, and I’d be glad to. Took me a while to get my philosophy juices going though.

Honestly, I’m not sure what much else there is to add to my earlier post. Here’s a link to an interesting page though. It’s called The Egg and it’s kind of a philosophical page. It’s hard to explain, but in a nutshell (yeah I don’t think that pun works here..) you’re essentially “God” and the person you talk to just died. You’re explaining to him that he is one person and everyone in the world is him, just in a different time period. If that makes sense. I loved it. I read it once with my boyfriend and we were just fascinated. At least I was.

Oh, but protect your eyes a bit if you must because the page has a very vibrant blue hue to it.

Which reminds me (and excuse me if this is off topic)… have you guys ever thought about the question “which came first, chicken or the egg?” I thought about it and I think I got my side of the answer…

So it all comes down to evolution, right? A mule and a mule will have a mule, but a mule had to come from somewhere else right? It didn’t just poof into the world on a nice sunny day. That’s right folks. A mule came from the cross breed of a horse and a donkey. Like that, a chicken had to come from somewhere too (actually we all do). Okay, so I’m not sure what first produced the bird we’re arguing about… but X and Y somehow found the weird attraction to mate and produce a chicken.

And now back to the vital question: Did the chicken or egg come first? I personally would say the egg because that’s where the chicken came from right? Actually then again… The egg is just a shell of some sort.. It’s the chicken itself that counts… I’m still having internal conflicts on this issue. I mean only when I think about it, I don’t dwell on this everyday. What do you guys think?

And apparently the first organisms on earth were just simple single celled organisms with no nucleus. So all life originated from that. We began with no brains. I’m not sure why I find that so funny.

And I realized this post doesn’t really add onto my previous post on existence. Perhaps I’ll continue something more solid in the future. Sorry guys. Silly Girl isn’t exactly in her mind this week. Senioritis is slowly taking over her sanity.